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Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Wildfire, Chief Operating Officer is a Master, Fellow and certified specialist in Medical Microbiology, Virology, Parasitology and Human Challenge modelling.


Adrian's carreer in ID began with working on combination drug treatments for resistant isolates of tuberculosis under the tutelage of Professor Denis Mitchison in the Wolfson Institute before obtaining a Fellowship in Medical Microbiology and moving in mainstream diagnostics.

His work encompassed roles in both the public and private sector overseeing microbiology and virology laboratories with a Parasitology Masters from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine leading preceding a move to join Professor Brian Gazzard’s HIV Research team at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in 2001.

Working primarily with HIV, Hepatitis and Sexual Health cohorts, a diploma in Management as well as qualifications in Project Management and Harvard Leadership allowed acceleration within the Trust Management team to sit on the SAGE committee amongst others. With new, effective drugs for HIV and Hepatitis C heralding change, Controlled Human Infection Modelling allowed for investigation of novel treatments in URTIs and an opportunity to lead a multidisciplinary team manufacturing Challenge Agents for use in clinical trials as well as performing a range of CHIM studies from influenza to malaria. More recently the founding of CHIMagents (acquired) and CHIMunomics as (CEO) well as being COO of IQ-IDM has given opportunities to more directly investigate interventions in unmet clinical conditions. He has authored and published papers and many articles relating to HIV, Ethics and Viral Challenge amongst others and publishes a monthly update on COVID-19 and infectious disease threats.

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