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Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Martin Schutten has been at the forefront of virology and anti-viral research for more than 25 years. Martin started his career in Applied Sciences at the largest academic health care provider in the Netherlands, where he headed up the Clinical Virology unit and provided diagnostic and treatment advice to infectious disease specialists. For over 15 years Martin taught both practical and theoretical virology at their Medical Faculty, including viral replication strategies, viral pathogenesis, and antiviral mechanisms of action. This has given him insights not only into how antivirals and vaccines might work, but also what patients and their doctors need.

As consultant and director at Viroclinics Biosciences, a company that provided viral diagnostics to more than 75% globally of all pharma clinical trials from 2003-2016, Martin learnt the ins and outs of drug development processes. This also gave him a deep understanding of the road from the laboratory to clinical trials and real-world antiviral use, how to get drugs both approved and used.  
As independent consultant Martin worked with many other companies, from early to late stage, developing antivirals and vaccines, gaining insights into the sometimes-minute differences that separate success from failure. He is now putting that to work benefiting the victims of viral infections in need of effective treatments.

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